Manufacturers of HYDROTHERMAL CABINETS and MANIFOLD BOXES for thermal energy metering system


VMEC Energy

In spring 2009, the Company VMEC, one of the top civil and industrial services and particularly in the energy department with the support frame for photovoltaic panels, as well as in the production of metal furniture and construction of light carpentry, decides to increase the range of its products with the production of manifold boxes and metal boxes for thermal energy metering system, and brackets for air conditioning, overlooking in their markets with skill and professionalism.

In VMEC company burns the Energy Division, offering an integrated service and high quality products, with production entirely in Italy, always able to accompany the customer in meeting the needs of their market. Today VMEC, a company with certified quality system, is a leading Italian manufacturer for fixing in the air conditioning department.

All products are famous for quality and reliability and have some proprietary solutions, and are complemented by impeccable service that enables to fulfill short time orders. Thanks to partnership with our customers and the support of our team, the brand has become synonymous of quality for all products.

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Why choose VMEC Energy products

Quality Materials

La cassetta idrotermiche VMEC vengono realizzate con materiali di prima scelta per garantire una qualità superiore del prodotto.

Pre Revested Material

The use of this material allows for greater resistance to any kind of damage or inconvenience could occur on site.

No Spot Welding

The VMEC boxes are made and assembled without the use of spot welding power, this fact prevents any trigger point to the product of oxidation.

Easy Fixing

The cabinet Mirella is delivered with wire mesh for plaster fixation is on the outside rear of the bottom, both on the front lower.

Single Piece

The door frame is made by a single piece and is therefore not a single body and made from 4 welded parts.

Safe Fixing

The sliding guides for the fixing of the brackets cabinets are closed in the movement by two plastic caps that guarantee the maintenance of the desired position even in the presence of strong vibrations.

Easy To Install

Inside the flow guides the fixing bolts for the brackets cabinets through a small spring that allows positioning at any point without having to use two hands to fix.

Single Packaging

The boxes are provided by VMEC individually packed in a neutral cardboard box.


It is possible to have a personalized sticker showing any data or bar code of the customer.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to this technology in automated manufacturing, VMEC guarantees deliveries in record time


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